Fighting Ageism


Meet 6 extraordinary women, all above the age of 70, fighting ageism and refusing to let stereotypes influence their sense of fashion and style. Forgo the latest trends; these women embrace unconventional dressing and, in effect, are re-defining old age. This inspiring documentary from award-winning director Sue Bourne is a must see. No longer is personal style defined by age. xxAG

Gillian Lynne – 87 – The Choreographer – Lover of mini-skirts


Bridget – 75 – The Clothing Connoisseur – Her wardrobe is fun, eclectic, and all from charity shops


Daphne – 85 – The Model – Re-discoverd at 70 and the iconic face of older models


Jean – 75 – The Sales Associate – Became Gap’s oldest employee at 70


Sue – 73 – The Artist – Wears her art on her back


Lady Trumpington – 91 – The House of Lords Member – An internet sensation for her wicked sense of humor


Watch the full documentary Fabulous Fashionistas here.

*photos courtesy of Channel 4

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