Wardrobe Overhaul


AKA: The works from a certified wardrobe consultant. Begin with a wardrobe edit followed by a personal shopping experience. Each wardrobe edit will begin with a thorough edit of what works, what doesn’t, and what’s missing. Personal shopping follows filling in the gaps to create a fabulous wardrobe. Finish the experience with a personalized electronic Lookbook with outfit photos directly from your cultivated wardrobe. No more questions on how to complete a flawless outfit.

Each Wardrobe Overhaul includes:

  • A preliminary style consultation to assess individual needs
  • Personal style assessment
  • Wardrobe edit
  • Closet purge
  • Re-styling ‘keepers’ with new outfit ideas
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal shopping agenda to fill in gaps or achieve personal styling goals
  • Shopping a pre-selected collection of stores for the best finds to suit your wardrobe
  • A one-on-one fitting
  • Advice on what to buy, when to splurge, and what to pass on
  • Lookbook
  • A session photographing your best wardrobe pieces
  • A final product: A Lookbook emailed to you that is always accessible. Print it out, cut it up, or leave it electronic for a quick reference to your best looks.