Word on the Street


I am loving my new clothes!! I cleaned out my closet to make room, and got two trash bags full of old stuff! Thank you so much! I feel much more relaxed about shopping now that I know what to look for and where to go. Your input and suggestions have been invaluable!! -SR Chicago

I hate shopping!  I can never find anything that fits and I end up buying things I don’t like because I’m frustrated and in a hurry.  Shopping with Alison, however, was a completely different experience.  She picked out skirts, blouses, sweaters and dresses, most of which fit and almost all of which looked terrific!  She taught me about what style works best for me and how to shop on my own.  All of this was done with good humor (she was especially nice about all the awful clothes in my closet!) and a sense of fun.  Clearly she loves what she does and it makes the whole experience a joy!  I would (and already have) recommend Alison to anyone who is as “shopping challenged” as I am. -RB Elk Grove Village

Thanks very much for an enlightening, productive Tuesday.  It was surreal…in a great way.  I really appreciate your selections, guidance and gentle encouragement as I navigate this renewed desire to not simply put something on each day, but to really appreciate there’s potential to actually look good and feel good too!  So another great big thank you.  Can’t wait to wear it all! -SB Park Ridge

Thanks again for everything yesterday. I absolutely love everything you picked for me! -AL Chicago

Working in the loop and having an endless busy lifestyle, Alison makes shopping fun and efficient.  Alison knows where to go and how to pick the clothing that looks good on your figure and makes you look beautiful and feel confident.   She won’t push styles on you that you are not comfortable with. She’ll dress you for any matter.  She even knows what’s in style months before it has become popular. And the best part is when you go shopping with her, you can take credit for your remarkable attire when you go out for that special occasion. -RL Chicago

It is so exciting to look in my closet and have so many choices! -BC Glen Ellyn

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and guidance. I LOVE my clothes!!!! And it is so fun to get dressed in the morning. The whole experience was wonderful. -BS Northbrook

My new year’s resolution was to get organized, starting with my closet. Although I feel like I have a basic sense of what’s fashionable and what looks/doesn’t look good, I still had questions about some of the pieces in my wardrobe and felt like I needed a little guidance on what really works and doesn’t work for me. I was a little unsure of how it would be to have someone “judge” my wardrobe, but Alison was very professional and not at all judgmental. In fact, I found myself agreeing with most of pieces she suggested parting with–for the most part they were things I was questioning myself, but I just needed that extra push from someone else to finally let go. On the other hand, she also helped figure out how to restyle items that I was on the brink of getting rid of, thus saving clothes that still have some wear left in them. Overall I had a great time working with Alison and highly recommend her services. She has a great eye and made a lot of recommendations I never would have thought of myself. The photos and Look Book that she puts together are also invaluable references–after 4.5 hrs of trying on outfits, it was hard to remember by the end what was supposed to pair with what! I’m so happy with how organized my closet is now and feel more confident about using what I have in my wardrobe. -JC Chicago

Alison is fabulous!  I can try on at least 60 pairs of pants over the course of 3 or 4 trips out and nothing fits.  I’m with Alison an hour and not only do I have a pair of pants, I have choices!  And tops and outfits and accessories!!  Absolutely amazing!! -DG Buffalo Grove

I was a little excited and nervous for my closet consultation, but Alison immediately made me feel comfortable. She could have easily been judgemental about some of my items, but instead was helpful and friendly. She helped me take what I had and created different looks I would have never put together on my own. She also helped me identify items that my closet was lacking and gave me suggestions on places to go to find items within my price range. I enjoyed this experience and recommend it to anyone (in fact I already have!). Alison will make you feel good about you and your wardrobe! -KK Chicago